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About Magic B2B Platform

What’s Magic B2B Platform Exactly?
Magic B2B is vertical B2B e-business platform which focuses on fashion jewelry and costume jewelry industry in the world. It only cooperates with top factories and directly wholesale jewelry to global retailers. Retailers could enjoy one-stop purchase service on Magic B2B platform, including: in stock wholesale purchase, group purchase, product customization purchase, plus marketing tool for products.

Quality Standard Of Magic B2B Platform
All products of Magic B2B Platform measure up to international quality standard by   passing through the certification of SGS and ISO. With the authoritative certification, obviously all products of Magic B2B platform have been guaranteed for nickel and lead-free, color last within 2 years, and no deformation.

Benefits Of Buying From Magic B2B Platform
Particularly mentioning that retailer does not only get the good quality from Magic B2B platform, but also enjoy the factory direct price, plus extra order discount. All intermediate links between retailer and factory have been eliminated by Magic B2B Platform. Retailer could directly trade with factory without middle price.

Cooperated Factories And Retailers
Since its opening, Magic B2B platform has attracted online retailers and top-notch suppliers from more than 106 countries and regions, including: Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Asia (excluding China). As of 2017, Magic B2B platform has accumulated more than 110,000 active registered members.


Magic B2B Platform

Future Planning 

In order to build a win-win business relationship with retailers and factories, Magic B2B platform plans to specially develop the smart system in sales data, stock data, product data, analysis data., With the smart system retailer and supplier can get more benefits from Magic B2B platform, including:


1. Efficiently increase turnover by obtaining the valuable data

We will open valuable data and provide analysis to our cooperated customers, such as data of popular products in color, shape, style, hot element and well-sold market etc. According to the valuable data, retailers can accurately purchase while factories can continually manufacture the most needed products.


2. Maximally reduce costs by controlling the stock at hand

Magic B2B platform owns intelligent stock control system, it would offer the most accurate stock synchronous data for retailers, it helps retailer efficiently control inventory, and helps factory to balance supply and demand, maximally reduce costs to both parties.


3. Intelligently manage Online-Offline Stores

According to the smart system, retailers can intelligently manage their purchased products to the online store by download function, or use brochure making tools to make attractive online brochure within 1 minute, it helps retailers to expand online market and expend business.


4. Easily connect to e-business platforms

The smart system will also provide the products data service, help retailers to achieve one-stop data docking, easily connect to retail e-business platform (such as: Amazon, eBay etc). On top of that, retailers can enhance online marketing and sales.