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Cute Designed 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Plated Collar 16 OR 18 Inches

Cute Designed 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Plated Collar 16 OR 18 Inches


SKU A5413072
Release Date 7/4/2017
Category Collar 16 OR 18 inches
Country of Origin China
Main stoneSwarovski Element
PlatingPlatinum Plated
Metal925 Sterling Silver
Dimensions of Collar 16 OR 18 inches 0.00 - 0.00 - 0.00 CM (As the Picture)
Item Weight 0.04 KG / Pieces

Swarovski crystals, highly priced luxury items, come from the Austrian village of Watten. The reason why it is so famous around the world is because of its purity and unique cutting technologies. Besides, you can find them in rich colors from yellow, light blue, dark blue, Oliver color, rose red, light rose, light red, dark red and so on.
Viennois-online, with a long history in fashion jewelry design and making, has been authorized by the Swarovski company, so that all the distributors will be satisfactory about what they find from there. Superior quality Swarovski crystal wholesale necklaces and pendants help numerous wholesale buyers earn loyalty customers!

925 silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper, which helps strengthen and stabilize the metal. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925, which has been regarded as the highest quality silver for jewelry. It is also the purest form of silver for making jewelry that maintains its beauty over time. Also because it is a stable alloy, 925 silver necklaces can keep bright luster for a long time.
Wholesale 925 silver necklaces and pendants from Viennois-online have been famous all over the world, owing to the reason that they are all made of handpicked materials which are healthy and beautiful and also undergo strict testing and quality control procedure.

Fashion product
Viennois designers are brave and creative to blend different fashion elements to design, which leads the way for international fashion and culture. Viennois’ vanguard design concept and diversified jewellery has been treated as a wine vane in fashion. Viennois holds its young and energetic orientation, and also it is popular with young people at home and abroad all the time.
Suitable cleaning product and method
Care and Cleaning - Check with your jeweler prior to using a commercial cleaning product for the first time. Dispose of any such cleaner after 3 months. A home solution of one part mild detergent, one part household ammonia, and three parts water is also effective for many jewelry-cleaning needs. Dry the jewelry with a lint-free towel. This method of cleaning is especially desirable for alexandrite, amethyst, andalusite, aquamarine, citrine, diamond, garnet, iolite, moonstone, ruby, sapphire, spinal, tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline, and cubic zirconium.

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