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Magic B2B:

an international B2B e-commerce platform

dedicated in fashion jewelry

Previous known as, Magic b2b was acquired by Primeview Holdings Ltd.

(HSI stock code: 00789) in 2017 and went through a comprehensive reform.

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    Founded at Xijiao Plaza, probably the biggest and most influencial jewelry wholesala hub in the world.
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    Magic b2b has grown to a team of more than 50 talented individuals.
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    Since launch,110,000+ jewelry retailers have made purchase on our platform.

Working closely with a team of professional designers and top factories,

in magic b2b, we offer

Choose from 16,000 sku;
start from 1 pcs.
may it be our design or your idea
we make it just for you
In graph or 3d
our top designers now work for you.

Aiming to solve retailer's problems: developing new style and meeting factory's moq and eventually helping them to build their own brands, these are the

Exclusive in magic b2b






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Our Team

Our Value

We've come to a stage when price and quality alone can no longer satisfy our customers. After the financial crisis, the sale volume of jewelry had been down like a waterfall. Because for most people, jewelry is merely a statement rather than essential.

Some major players have left the industry switching to the more profitable sectors while the hard core remains.

We stay because we believe that, like food and water, statement and identity presented by jewelry is also an essential.

We stay because we believe the magic of jewelry, like everybody else in this industry. That's why we call us by the name: magic b2b.

We stay/evolve because we believe in you.

Were it be a family business, or you once were a designer, a buyer or someone who had nothing to do with jewelry, we believe you have a distinguished taste of jewelry and a brilliant idea to share.

We understand the obstacles during your dream pursuing journey.

We understand that you're desperate to find the perfect jewl that fit into your idea.

We understand how difficult it is to find a factories which take small orders and even they do, jewl can be expensive. That's where we step in to help.

From idea to jewl, we help you design, create the ideal jewelry and finally deliver to your hands. may it be 10, or as little as 6 pcs. Yes, we can do things others cannot. We can do the impossibles. No mold fee. No deposit. We also have a wide range of collection you can choose from. Whatever you need, as a jewelry retailer, we do our best to satisfy.

Not only do we stay, but we also evolve. Magic b2b is taking 12 years' professional experience in jewelry industry to a whole new level.

We wanna thrive not just survive.

We believe deep inside, you share this faith with us.